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Hosted Desktops for Business

You may have heard of the new revolution of cloud computing but uncertain what the fuss is all about. The next generation of computing technology is here. The hosted desktop is an economic, highly resilient, highly reliable computing platform. Many businesses yearn for data security. Never before has IT been so flexible and cost effective.
One of the most important benefits of cloud computing is your data is located in a highly resilient data centre. A data centre in essence is a highly secure infrastructure that contains hundreds or even thousands of web sites, blogs and online applications. Each data centre throughout the world is a portion of the Internet. A data centre is constantly running 24 hours a day allowing you to access your hosted desktop at any time you choose. All you need to run your hosted desktop is an internet connection. You can work anywhere in the world online. As long as you have an internet connection the possibilities are endless. If your colleagues are struggling to get into work cloud computing will enhance productivity.
Cloud computing provides a higher level of convenience. You may urgently require important data at home or away from work, but you don't have access to your office computer. On a hosted desktop all your files are located off-site and stored in one secure location.
Security has always been an issue. Your files are backed up on a daily basis. The added of the benefit of the Cloud is your data will always be safe. The loss of sensitive data is a serious concern. Data loss can make you lose sleep at night or even worse you could lose your business.
Migrating to cloud computing is very cost effective. All the software and hardware for your hosted desktop is located in the data centre. There's no need to update your laptop or desktop PC with the latest software as this is taken care of.

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