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CPV Lab A Guided Tour Of The Settings Panel

One of the features that sets CPV Lab so far apart from the competition is the ability to be customized.
Many software products on the market only work one way and they seldom solve all the problems the end user has, but Lab is different. This tracking platform is one of the few that allows you to customize and tailor just about every feature for the way you work and it all starts with the settings menu.
The first time you install and log in to your instance you should change your user name and password. These are also the first options found in the settings panel. To update your user name and or password, simply update the respective fields and click save when you're done. You can also set your time zone, session timeout and redirect options here.
Lab comes loaded with most of the popular CPV networks including AdOn, Clicksor, CPV Marketplace, Direct CPV, Jema, Lead Impact, MediaTraffic and of course TrafficVance. If you need to add a new network it's a cinch though. Scroll down to the CPV networks portion of the settings panel and enter the network name as the source. Next enter the network keyword and append tokens, then simply select the time zone for the network. Save these settings and make sure they're reflected in the menu when the page refreshes.
CPV Lab comes pre-loaded with Affiliate networks as well. The majors are all present, but if you need to add any others scroll down to the affiliate networks section, enter the network name and click save. It's that simple. If you ever want to delete a network just select it from the menu and click delete. Doesn't get any simpler!
When it comes down to monitoring your campaigns, there is no software package comparable. Lab comes packaged with a desktop alert application that monitors the benchmarks you set in the alert settings area on the settings page. When an alert setting triggers the alert application you'll be notified right on your desktop. Review the alert settings area and set your benchmarks as appropriate for your campaigns.
All of your CPV campaigns can be automatically optimized with Lab. On the settings page the winning filters allow you to establish benchmarks for successful campaigns, while the remove/change filters area lets you weed out the under performing targets, landing pages and offers. All of these filters work in conjunction with the optimize settings and reports and can sync with accurate cost, click and conversion data.
CPV Lab is a feature rich tracking platform, but a tracker is nothing if it can't be customized. Lab allows for fine tuning like no other solution on the market and this is truly what makes it stand out from the crowd.

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