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Slow Computer Fix What Makes a PC Slow and How to Fix It

Almost all homes have a desktop or a laptop. Computers are essential for business, school, communication, and lots more. We rely so much on the functions of a computer that having a slow one is really annoying a you need a slow computer fix to stop this.
Over time, your computer will slow down its and this makes things a lot harder for you. It often starts with problems such as slow startup, inability to open programs, and poor performance. If not properly dealt with it can result in sudden computer crashes or even file corruption thus rendering your computer incapable of performing its functions. But why wait for these things to happen when you can make your computer run at its best. Here are some ways you can do to maintain your computer's optimum performance.
#1 Clear your system of unnecessary programs.
Most computers come with pre-installed trial programs. This is a marketing strategy done by software companies to sell their products. You can uninstall them since majority of these programs seem to be useless. Removing these programs frees up your computer's memory and disk space, helping it to run faster.
#2 Check your computer's memory.
Your computer might be running slow because it lacks enough memory. The computer has two sets of memory, the random access memory (RAM) which is a temporary storage of files and the hard disk which stores permanent files. Increasing the capacity of your computer's memory will definitely make it run smoothly. you can free up memory by carrying out the first step and remove programs from windows start up where they consume memory even when not in use for a slow computer fix.
#3 Organize your desktop programs.
Too many desktop icons can also hamper and slow startup ans your computer loads them all. you need to remove unnecessary shortcuts to help speed up your computer.
#4 Fix computer registry errors.
Among all the causes of slow computers, registry errors are known to be the most common. Usually it affects the whole function of your computer and sometimes results in file loss or corruption. The registry is a vital part of your computer since it is the database of all files needed by installed programs to run perfectly. It also stores system configurations and settings.
Eventually the registry becomes disorganized causing your computer to slow down. By running a system nd registry scanner you can fix these errors and make your computer work perfectly. You only have to download, install and run the program to repair your computer registry and windows system errors. If your computer is running slow scan it now for a slow computer fix.

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