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Trexta Rotating Folio for iPad 2

One of the most popular case styles on the market today for your iPad 2 is the portfolio type case. Why? Because these cases are slim and streamlined, which allow you to carry them everywhere very easily without all kinds of added weight and bulk.
Another reason for its popularity is the protection it offers for your device. Although folio cases do not give you the hard-shell type protection, they do a very nice job of guarding your iPad 2 from scratches and dents. Although most are not waterproof, they can give you some relief from the elements during a quick dash to the car during a rain shower.
Folio cases are also a hit because they are so functional and versatile, giving you a variety of stand options and viewing angles especially when space is tight. Whether you want to use your iPad 2 for viewing or for on-the-go typing, you can adjust the cover of a folio case with a few quick folds or flips, then secure into place with a fastening device for a sturdy stand that goes together in seconds.
Portfolio cases generally offer you a variety of finishes such as leather or other soft tough yet durable finishes. They look very clean and professional so you can take your case along for business or pleasure.
Folio cases also give you full access to all the functions of your iPad 2. The design is slim and made for a custom fit, so the full beauty of your iPad 2 can shine through.
These types of cases also offer a variety of carrying options either by hand, with convenient shoulder straps or the ability to slide the folio right into a carry-on bag, backpack or duffel bag.
The Trexta Rotating case is just one example of a really nice, functional and versatile folio-type case for your iPad 2. This case includes a desk stand feature, which allows you several different viewing angles and you can really customize the angle to fit your comfort level.
The Trexta is made of classic, high quality genuine leather in three rich color choices of black, fuchsia or camel.
A unique element of this case design is the rotating plastic holder, which lets you display your device in either a portrait or landscape orientation. Most folio cases only allow for a landscape view, so this alone makes the case exceptionally functional. Also, the desk stand is adjustable and a part of the case design, which again, gives you more options in terms of angles and viewing.
There are anti-slip bands located on the bottom of the stand so you can be assured of a secure grip of the desk stand on a flat surface.
Your device fits snugly into place while nestled inside the folio, and the case closes securely with a snap-fit closure.

If you are shopping around for a good folio case for your iPad 2, the Trexta Rotating Folio offers a great combination of style, function and protection. This case also works well with Speck iPad 2 screen protectors! Use the promo code "gleefriends" at to receive an additional 10% off your entire purchase!

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