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Lenovo G560 Series Laptop Review

The Lenovo G560 won't make you squeal in delight but rather smile with satisfaction. The Lenovo G560 doesn't break any records but it is built to not break down either.
I've been looking for a new notebook to replace the one I've been using for the last 3 years or so. I don't need a lot processing power or even an extra powerful graphics card. I just needed something that would let me surf the web, work on my documents (word processing, spread sheets, power point etc) and entertain me from time to time. Most importantly, I was looking for something that fit my budget ($600) and would last me for at least another three years.
After hunting around, I finally settled for the Lenovo G560. Here's what attracted me to it. Firstly, it had a decent screen (15.6 inches) as I work on a lot of spread sheets and I normally end up travelling so the screen does a fantastic job as doubling as my mobile TV/Cinema Display.
Secondly, the notebook weighs in at just under 6 lbs. Again because I do travel for work, this makes it something that I can take with me. Of course there are plenty of thin and light notebooks or even ultralight portables that are way lighter but none of them are in this price range.
One of the things I did like about this notebook is the numeric keypad that is included in addition to the standard size keyboard. I guess the manufacturers decided to make something with the working people in mind when they included this into the Lenovo G560.
Like all Lenovos, this notebook does have a decent build and after spending many hours typing away on it, it still feels sturdy and has not given me any problems. It doesn't feel flimsy to the touch and even though it is made of plastic, it doesn't feel cheap.
In terms of multitasking abilities, the Lenovo G560 comes standard with 4Gb of DDR3 RAM which when paired with the Windows 7 Home Premium and Microsoft Office (purchased separately) makes for a very good work machine. I am able to quickly and smoothly switch between my browser, word documents, spread sheets and more. I have not had the machine lock-up on me or lag. So if you are looking for something that will get the job done, give the Lenovo G560 careful consideration.

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