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6 Unique Aspects of Slate Computers Over Conventional Computer

Tablet computers have made a comeback in the tech scene with pomp, color and panache. Their sales levels came close to smartphones and nearly overshadowed netbooks and laptop PCs last year. More and more companies have taken notice of this growing trend and plan to introduce their own slate versions to the market soon. It seems that the future of tablet computers is bright despite the opinion of critics who claim that these gadgets offer no unique functions.
Below are five unique features of tablet computers in attempt to rebuff such claims:
LCD Touch screens
The ingenious multi touch screen that comes with most tablet devices is among its main selling points. The touch screen permits you to operate the devices simply by flicking through the interactive interface. The ingenious screens further respond to natural hand gestures besides recognition of objects such as stylus pens. Besides this, the touch screen also allows you to read in the dark since the LCD screen glows.
Movies and Video Viewer
Another unique feature of most tablet computers is the ability to watch movies, music videos and even stream online TV. Tablet devices normally have expandable memory that allows you to store your favorite movies and music videos.
Long lasting Battery Capacity
Most tablet computers have rechargeable Lithium Polymer batteries that can last for up to 10 hours depending on use. This allows you to use the device for long periods of time without worry about drain of the battery.
Language Support
Another advantage of tablet devices is their multilingual support. You can operate modern slates in more than five international languages. These include English, French, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, German, French, Dutch and Italian.
Tablet computers are relatively powerful despite of their size. Most of these devices are ultra slim and can fit on your palms comfortably. Nonetheless, the manufactures equip them with powerful microprocessors that support interactive operating systems, cameras, touch screen sensor capability, web browsers, Bluetooth connectivity and numerous applications. You can find tablet computers that run the tried and tested Windows Platform, Apples "iOS" or the newly developed Google Android Operating system.
Currently, tablet computers are all the rage among tech junkies as well as average users. You can perform numerous functions using these sleek innovative gadgets at any location. They offer users convenience, functionality and entertainment at the same time. Albeit you can get these functions from other devices, rarely do they come all in one. Unique features of tablet computers include the multi-touch LCD screen, Movies and Video Playback, Durable Battery, Multi-language Support and Powerful Microprocessors that can handle numerous applications.
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