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The Advantages of Market Competition to Consumer

On October 2009, Amazon, the popular online marketplace has launched its own tablet PC, Kindle. Few months later, Apple also launched its first tablet PC, iPad. This followed by the launched of tablet PC from several popular brand such as Asus, HP and Lenovo in just short period of time later. Device manufacturers are seriously competing to each other in order to lead the market. The question is, do the market competition give advantages to consumer?
Manufacturers always want to challenge their rivals by launching their latest model. The new model usually comes with improvements or some may comes with new features. Thus, it benefits consumer in term of giving them more choices. Consumer will have the opportunity to get the best model depend on their needs. For examples, people who love reading e-book might want to have a tablet PC that built specifically toward reading function might prefer Kindle, while people who love app, might prefer iPad. Varieties of choice provide consumer solution to fulfill their needs.
Other than that, market competition also benefits consumer in term of price offered. Price is depend on how sophisticated technologies inside the device. New model sometimes comes in series, which the specs is differ from one series to another. Normally higher series have advanced specs than the lower one, thus the price is more expensive. Thus, consumers have the advantages to select the devices that suit best with their budget.
It is predicted the current trend in market competition almost impossible to disappear. Device companies will continue to launch a new model as a part of their strategy to take down their competitor. Thus, consumer is the luckiest party to get benefits from market competition.
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