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Apple iPad Review: How It Changes Your Little Things in Life

When I first received my iPad as a birthday gift, the first thing I thought when I open the box and started it up was "Wow! A big sexy iPhone" and the second was "Why do I need another iPhone that does not fit my pocket and can't make normal phone call!". Yes, as any normal man, I was extremely happy with my gadget but I could not see the correct use at first. I was just happy with my laptop and my iPhone. But let's face it, the iPad is very attractive - sleek, smallish, neat and, yes, very shiny. But the question is: how can it change your life in more than 1 way.
The first thing started to change with the iPad was travelling around. As an avid reader, I always carry a book or magazine when taking the metro. Yes, books are small, light- fit in your pocket/bag, much easier to carry than an iPad. But I realise slowly its potential with apps such as Zino, you can store large amount of magazines that you just carry into one small piece, also Apple's bookstore makes it easier to bring any book you would like to read. In addition, there is a small revolution in the world of magazines as they become more and more interactive, making the experience unique. Then, it hit on me. I started to realise, that my chunky iPad was becoming my small, fun iPad.
Slowly and slowly, I was carrying my iPad wherever I go and was leaving my laptop behind, then I realised that the iPad became the perfect travel companion. As anyone would, I put videos, music etc. to pass the time, but as a businessman, I could put in my documents and powerpoints. When colleagues send documents for review, they drag it to my Drop Box account and the magic happens, I have it saved on the iPad ready to have review. Now as you may have realised by now the iPad is the perfect business partner. But yet, it will never replace my laptop truly. But when you are on the go, as business tool it becomes an incredible tool only when I'm allowed to have it.
Yes, as a married man with a little boy, I have to share my iPad with the child and my wife (you can never win an argument over the iPad!). The only solution was to buy another iPad and yes I did! Finally now having my own iPad and my wife and child sharing theirs, one can only reflect on this gadget. Although it does not fit in your pocket, not as powerful as a laptop, it is a fantastic piece of equipment. Helps you in every single way in your life, from travelling, cooking, reading, watching video you name it there is an app. But the best surprise of it all, it has created less friction in my relationship. Don't get me wrong I do love my wife, but there is time where you need your space! When these times happen, we take our iPad put a video on and we are not top of each other after stressful working days. Although, it took cash out of the wallet, this gadget with its apps do change in very small ways your daily life.

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