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Cisco CIUS Tablet

With the success of tablet markets these days, consumers are eagerly awaiting yet another remarkable device from the networking giant Cisco, who are once again showing their ability to reach new areas of networking and always strive to provide the broadest array of products to their customers.
The CIUS, set to release on May 31, is expected to target enterprising and video conferencing capabilities, rather than Web browsing, social networking, and application markets. With a 1,024 by 600-pixel touchscreen show, Android 2.2, and a five mega pixel video-capable camera, this performance gadget, can be docked on Cisco's HD Media Station for wired connectivity, and when the user needs to go mobile, CIUS will recognize that the connectivity state has changed and will transfer automatically to the campus' wireless network. By using Cisco's AnyConnect Mobility Client for secure remote connections, regardless of location, CIUS allows users to securely make voice or video calls, join or initiate video conferences, and locate SMEs using virtual teaming and presence. Also included is a desktop virtualization client, which will allow it to run Windows applications.
While other tablet devices like the Apple iPad 2, Android Galaxy Tab and the Motorola Xoom, simply invite consumers to keep up with their social networking sites or play games, the Cisco Cius aims to integrate with existing corporate and enterprise communications setups, that includes things like secured email and instant messaging between employees, but also tapping into telephone, voicemail, and video conferencing systems while complying with enterprise security and auditing requirements. When someone drags an iPhone or iPad into an organization, IT crews can make sure call logs are properly kept and apps meet mobility policy and security requirements. It is designed to work as just another endpoint on a managed corporate network, while giving employees the connectivity and communications features they need.
Markets that require involvement in cloud computing can leverage CIUS as a thin portal to save on device count and costs. CIUS integrates tightly into existing collaboration architecture and runs securely using the existing infrastructure and allowing users to access business applications in the cloud through a Virtual Desktop Client.
And did someone say "Product Placement?"
The Cius can be seen in action on the hit CBS show, NCIS: LA. Main characters Sam, Eric, and Nell use the device for a live video session while docked, to analyze clues in the lab, and then go mobile with the Cius to continue the video conversation and deliver proof of the crime.

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