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Comparison of File Extensions VOB and OGG

The file extension OGG is looked after by foundation. It is primarily used for storing audio, pretty similar on the lines of MP3 file. However, OGG extension is a bit different in its function and supporting features as compared to MP3. OGG file packs more space than MP3 for the same size and it is also supported by many audio players of various sizes. You would be able to open it in multiple operating systems. Windows, Mac OS, and Linux support this format. What is more striking is the use of OGG with many portable music sets.
The best feature of this extension is its use without the need to follow any software patent laws. OGG file shot into prominence as it was found that a necessary tool was required to run digital multimedia music of high quality. It just did that. Its use with pocket PC was also a big feature in promoting this extension.
But the file extension VOB is different as it was particularly used with DVD format. There are few similarity exists between VOB and OGG. The first is, of course, that both support music, apart from that, VOB and OGG also run on 3 operating systems, namely, Mac OS, Windows, and Linux.
VOB is abbreviated as 'video object' and has broader functions than a file having OGG extension. A VOB file could use separate format for video and audio in a movie. For instance, for video programs, the extension could be formatted as MPEG-2 program, but for the same movie, it may use a different audio format such as AS-3, or linear PCM.

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