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Comparison of File Extensions VOB and SWF

The file extension SWF was originally created by future wave software. SWF stands of 'shockwave flash' and its functions include helping out multimedia files. The extension also plays a very crucial part in enhancing vector graphics.
It is convenient to use, as you don't have to include in a large space to use files having SWF extension, a small website could also use it. SWF is quite popular while using animated vector graphics, as it is known to carry animated graphics of many kinds. Apart from enhancing animated video format, it's much easier to store on the site. You could gauge the significance of SWF files by the fact that most of the gaming options these days use them in the online portal for the user to have a rich experience of gaming options, such as play station, Nintendo WI, and in many Sony game products. Another remarkable feature of SWF is its ease of conversion.
While the file extension VOB is also a video extension, it is different from how SWF works. VOB is a storage extension for DVD video format. The best instance of this extension could be seen in the movie file. It stores and support video movie format along with audio and video formats and subtitles as well. VOB works only in MPEG format, and it supports both Mpeg 1 and Mpeg 2 format, however, presently, MPEG-2 format is more in use.
One major difference between SWF and VOB is the storage space, while SWF works in small storage space on the web, VOB requires much larger space, as it works on a broader platform.

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