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Comparison of File Extensions VOB and FLV

Everyone working on PC encounters the file extension FLV at some point of time. This extension stands for a flash video file, and is used extensively for viewing video, such as a movie, or any other video recording. FLV extension is readily used by smaller websites and even by larger websites.
It is used to play the video file present on your site. Most of the sites use this extension to run flash video. Even established websites such as YouTube use FLV to broadcast video for users. One remarkable feature of FLV extension is its ability to work in less storage space, on a lower bandwidth.
However, it's important that you know how to open FLV files. Just click twice on the file and the program does the rest. You may find it difficult at times to open them. In such cases, install software which would enable you to open FLV. The best feature of the extension is its ability of conversion to other files. You could choose to convert it to many files.
The file extension VOB is also a video format and is primarily used to run DVD video. It is used in the DVD for storing video, audio and even subtitles; in case they have been used in the movie.
VOB extension is significant in the running of DVD. It is different in its storage application. VOB is formatted in MPEG-2 systems.
The specialty associated with VOB extension is its easier access. The file could be chosen to run by any video run programs. The format could be opened on Mac OS, Windows and Linux.

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