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HP Officejet 4500 Printer Get the Info Before You Buy

The HP 4500 Officejet printer is a wonderful all in one printer that will save you time, because it can print, scan, fax and copy all from a single machine. I can remember the fax machine and scan machine were separate units and boy did they take up a lot of space.
You can now do all these tasks and copy multiple pages automatically, and not only that it's also possible you may not even have the HP 4500 printer in the same room as your desktop or laptop.
If you choose to purchase the wireless model, once installed it can be placed anywhere within the home office without the need to be connected with cables.
From now on there is no need to have separate printers for each of your desktops or laptops, because with the HP OfficeJet 4500 wireless printer you can connect multiple PCs and laptops to your printer.
No more need for the clutter of cables around your work area, a wireless printer eliminates this hassle. Everyone in the home can now print, fax or scan from the one printer.
The ink cartridge
At last someone has come up with the great idea of having the same number for both ink cartridges. You now just have to remember one number and then ask for either the colour cartridge or the black ink cartridge.
This now takes away the hassle of trying to remember two different numbers. One of the main things I always do with my all in one is to make sure that I have backup cartridges for when I'm running low on ink. There is nothing worse than running out of ink and then having to wait for replacements.
The HP 4500 is an excellent inexpensive all in one printer
Save money now by having an all in one printer that will do all your printing for you. It's hard to be without this machine because of its inexpensive price.
Can be kept on energy mode and will startup when it is sent a print command.
There is no need to keep the HP Officejet 4500 switched on at all times. This printer can save on energy by switching it on energy mode. The printer can then be kept on energy mode until it is needed and will wake itself up when it is sent a print command.
The good points
The price because this printer is an inexpensive all in one printer.
It's fast speed and very good print quality.
Can save time in a busy office, because it can multitask i. e. print, scan, copy and fax from the one printer.
Bad points
The HP 4500 lacks automatic two side printing.
It does not have a memory card slot.
The paper feed tray sticks out from the front a bit.
Who would benefit from having this HP 4500 printer.
People who are running a small business from their home.
Someone who needs to print from more than one desktop or laptop.
Someone who is looking for an energy-saving printer.
I believe that the good points of the HP 4500 printer far outweigh the bad points.
This printer with its cost-saving ability and inexpensive price and be a great asset to anyone running a small business or someone who needs a good all in one Officejet printer.

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