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HP Officejet 6500 Find Out Why Its So Popular

One is wireless and one is not.
The HP Officejet 6500 can be connected wirelessly or directly to your desktop or laptop. There are two models of the OfficeJet 6500 printer, the more expensive one being wireless. So if you want the convenience of being able to place the printer in any room of your choice, then you will need to get the wireless model.
No more mess in the office
If you are using the HP Officejet 6500 wireless all in one printer you have no need to worry about the mess of having wires all over the place. You can forget about messy cables everywhere, all you need is a PowerPoint and a spare room where your printer will not take up any space. When you're ready you collect all your finished printed work at your convenience.
Four individual HP Officejet inks.
The printer has four individual ink cartridges which are, 920 black, 920 cyan, 920 magenta and 920 yellow.
This certainly makes a difference, giving much superior colour printing, copying and photo prints. Although the majority of older printers used only two ink cartridges and a lot of them were good quality, with four ink cartridges the finished product is far superior.
Save on paper with automatic two sided printing
The Officejet 6500 printer can print on both sides of the paper. Being able to do this you are now save on paper which also means you save money. By using only half the amount of paper used in a normal printer you will have far less waste.
Your PC and laptop can be connected using wireless or wired networking connections
If you have a wireless printer you can still connect to your desktop or laptop directly. You will not lose any of the benefits or features of this printer, except that the printer will have to be in the same room as your desktop. If you feel there is too much clutter having everything connected together in the one room, then you can simply move your wireless printer to a more convenient position in the home or office.
Convenience of connecting multiple PCs with the wireless connection.
When you have the HP Officejet 6500 connected wirelessly it is possible for more than one person to use the printer. There is no need for separate printers to be connected to your PC's, everyone within range can connect wirelessly and use the one printer. Now you will be saving money by printing on both sides of the paper and you will also save money by having only one printer.
If you want to add photos to your documents
Another cool feature of the HP 6500 printer is if you want to add photos to a document, all that's needed is to simply slide the memory card into the slot and press the photo button on the control panel. You do not need to do this from the PC, it can be done directly from the printer.
The HP Officejet 6500 all in one wireless printer is a remarkable and solid unit, it is well built and can work fast.
This printer does a lot of things ie... faxes, scans, copies prints, prints on both sides of the paper and all this done wirelessly. The HP 6500 printer is a good workhorse and will improve the everyday running of any small office.

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