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Use Article Marketing To Make Money Online

How to get traffic to your website? That is the common question that has plagued many internet marketers for years. Some websites magically get thousands of visitors a day while others struggle to get 5, let alone 1000. There are many services you can pay to use that will send related traffic to your website, but that usually costs a good amount of money, money that I don’t have. See, you’re probably like me, broke and looking to find the most bang for your buck with the smallest amount of effort. However, with today’s internet there are people that are working crazy amounts of hours on SEO to better get a website seen. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t have that much time to work on making money online. If only there was a way to get traffic without that much time or exertion…
I can tell you though with certainty that one of the best methods to gain backlinks and traffic to your website remains to be article marketing. It relatively takes a small amount of your effort and best of all it’s free. Submitting articles is a proven method of advertising, which builds the credibility, brand, search engine ranking, traffic, and long-term growth and stability of your business. Now sure it may be boring and a little repetitive, but even if you submit 2 unique articles a week to EzineArticles or GoArticles, then that’s only about an hour a week. If those articles are well written and have good keywords then there are two articles that have a high possibility of being on page 1 of Google for those keywords. That means more traffic for you.
By linking your websites URL in the authors box, you are gaining a backlink from that link and traffic from those who click on it. The more high quality backlinks you have coming to your site from other sites will determine how relevant your site is to search engines and people. It’s a win-win situation.
Article marketing has many advantages for those marketing online, and also for affiliate marketers in particular. Here are a few of those advantages:
1. Article marketing is simple
2. Article marketing is completely free
3. Article marketing has proven to be entirely legitimate.
4. Anyone can do article marketing (As long as you write unique, well written content you will receive outstanding traffic.)
The growing popularity of article marketing is largely due to the fact that it is free, but it is also popular because it works so effectively. By employing article marketing techniques it is entirely possible for affiliate marketers to make money at home using 100% free resources. However, just make sure to watch out for the numerous amounts of people trying to scam you online. A lot of services claim to submit your articles to hundreds of websites, yet many of those websites are probably completely useless.
John Cookster is an internet marketing teenager that shows kids and teens alike how to make money online. View his current site, How Teens Make Money Online for information on how to earn some serious money online.

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