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Best Netbook Covers

Having brought a net-book recently and using it quite regularly including outside of the house i wanted a good cover for my net-book.Browsing around the net i found that there was a staggering amount of choice so i started my search for the best and some of the funkiest covers available,Ive listed them in no particular order just the ones that i thought were the best and newest designs around,so if you are looking for funky colourful designed covers or hard type cases that can protect your notebook from being dropped then you have come to the right place as i will show you them all.

Which Is Best

Well it does depend on what you are after when it comes to a cover,i personally don't take my net-book out much as i use it only when the wife is on the main laptop and i need to get some work done,so i don't really need a hard cover i just need something soft to pack my net-book in when I'm not using it.But all this really does depend on you and your needs.Take a look and decide what is right for you.

Hard Cases

Why buy a hard case well why not, they usually come in a variety of brilliantly designed styles and give a wider more colourful range to choose from then your normal case.Most of these cases are made from a hard plastic or polycarbonate shell that simply snaps into place,just make sure you buy the right one for your net-book.The only thing with these hard cases is that once they are on they are designed to stay in place, you can of course take them off but they are really not designed to be taken on and off to often due to the fact that they snap into place so if you remove them to often they may become slack and ill fitting when added to your net-book.The plus side is the myriad of designs available on the market,if you are one for making a statement and choosing bright colourful designs then these are probably for you.
 Hard Carry Cases
 Now these are the ones that are more functional,if you carry your notebook from place to place then you will need something sturdy yet easy to carry,most of these designs are plain looking but primarily serve the purpose of travel and yet are usually rigid and durable to save damage during travel or if dropped.A few of them have a couple of compartments where you can store pen and paper or notes and most have a shoulder strap for easy travelling.
Leather Cases

 Leather cases are for those people who just wish to have a bit of style and yet protect their net-book against accidental bumps and knocks,these kind of cases are also good with the latest computer tablets such as apples Ipad.Most have a front cover that simply flips up when you lift the top of the net-book up.Most of the leather cases have a non-scratch lining that helps protect your net-book when it gets taken in and out of the case.Designed with straps to protect your device from falling out.

Soft Netbook Cases

Now this is what i chose for my net-book as it pretty much stays in the house for most of the time so it seemed a bit pointless getting a hard case to protect it when the nearest it gets to outside is when i take it out into the garden on a nice day.Soft cases are merely to protect from dust and minor scratches.Most of these are made from neoprene and nearly all of them are designed to fit most 8-10inch notebooks so they are a bit less specific then the other covers which means you usually have a greater choice of which one to buy for your net-book.

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