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How to prevent someone from hacking Facebook password

Most of us use Facebook now to keep up with friends and others. Facebook gives us the power to share and make the world more open. But with the popular of using Facebook, someone may like to hack our Facebook password, to gain the account. Be afraid of losing the account? So how to prevent someone from hacking Facebook password is urgent. First, let us know more about how they hack someone Facebook.

1.       Facebook Phishing
 It is the most popular method of hacking Facebook. Phishing not only allows you to hack Facebook but also almost any email account.
2.       Keylogging
By hacking a Facebook account, only thing you have to do is install a keylogger application remotely. They do this by the following steps:
Get a Emissary keylogger, it takes screenshots of the victim's computer and sends it to your Gmail along with the logs. Then have Microsoft.Net Framework installed in Windows system. Else it won't work. Then open Emissary.exe, file in your Gmail username and password. Enter the email address where you wanna receive Facebook password. What a keylogger does is it records the keystrokes into a log file and then uses these logs to get required Facebook password and thus hack Facebook password.
3.       Primary email address hack
Some Facebook hacker hack your Gmail or yahoo account which you are using as primary email address, then they can easily hack your Facebook password to answer security questions by using "Forgot password" trick. Then they simply ask Facebook to send password reset to emails to your primary email address which the account is already hacked. Then your Facebook account will be reset and it will be hacked.

4.       Free Facebook hacking software
There is still some Facebook password hacking software free of charge for a limited time only. This software allows you to retrieve the lost Facebook password completely free of charge. Some hacker just use the free software, pretend they have lost the account password and use the program to receive the account password
The above four ways are the most used hacking Facebook password, from these method, in order to prevent our Facebook account from hacking, we should do:
Set a complex Facebook password and change it often, but the most important is you should remember the password always.
Update and run your antivirus program. They may be getting your info through the virus.
Check Suspicious Activities on Facebook – Log on to your Facebook, go to Account Setting, then click on Account Security, you can view your recent activities from here. If you notice an unfamiliar device or location, click "end activity"
Change the e-mail your Facebook account is connected to. It's possible they're hacking your e-mail to get your new passwords. You can also copy and paste your password instead of typing it, which would throw off keyloggers.
Just hope these help your stop someone hacking your Facebook, when forgot Facebook password, reset to a complex one.

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