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How to Know MicroSD Card Class

Many devices now using MicroSD card such as mobile phones and camera. The people only know if their devices can save larger or smaller capacity but not for speed. The card will give maximum transfer speed if you know the class. If the speed access is low then the process of read and write of data will be longer rather than using fastest microSD.
microsd card class 1 How to Know MicroSD Card Class
Here is the class and minimum speed of microSD card
  1. Class 2, 2MB/s
  2. Class 3, 4MB/s
  3. Class 6, 6MB/s
  4. Class 8, 8MB/s
  5. Class 10, 10MB/s
So how do you know your devices been classified? Just turn off your cell phones or cameras and then look at the side of the MicroSD card written on it which usually located on the part of card. For example: SD-C02G
So what’s that mean? The “SD” mean SD Card, “C” mean Class and 02 mean it has classes 2 (transfer speed is 2 megabytes per second). The letter “G” I do not know yet but you can ignore it. So if your MicroSD card already full, please check the Class to get higher speed when access the data.

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