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Why You Can not Copy Files to Flashdisk?

Sometime we transfer data to flash drive but it cant paste it is because of flashdisk which is using FAT32 which has maximum size 4GB to copied file from other source. There are 2 solution, separate the file size into smaller size (Example: 3.5GB and 2.5GB) or convert my flashdisk to NTFS. So I choose to convert my flashdisk to NTFS because it’s support more than 4GB. How to do that?

  1. Insert your USB flashdisk to your computer USB port and then select the drive (for example drive F:).
  2. Right click it and select Format…
  3. Make sure you have no important data on your flashdisk and also exactly select the drive F (USB flashdisk NOT your hard disk). Select quick format and wait until the process done.
  4. And now you can move your big files to the flash drive. Good luck!

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