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Run Android Apps on your Windows with Windows Android

Generally we know is a mobile OS and can be used only in Smartphones. Could you ever imaging yourself running your favourite mobile operating system on Windows?!! Surprised?!! It is true! Now, you can run your mobile operating system on any of your Windows based laptop or computer! All you need to do is simply to contact your to help you install WindowsAndroid as a dual boot and you can safely run it on your personal computer or laptop!

What is WindowsAndroid?

WindowsAndroid is a simple application which uses the Windows kernel allowing you to run your favourite Android mobile operating system quite efficiently. It works very smoothly without any reliance on the Windows operating system. And the finest part about this application is that it works without any simulators like VirtaulBox, etc. and hence you get the optimum speed on your computer and can use all your favourite Android applications along with all the 3D Games of your choice once you ask your Android application developer to help you download and install it on your computer.
WindowsAndroid is the application that combines the functions of YouWave and Bluestacks and attempts to emulate Android in Windows. Its main goal is, to run all Android apps in any other Windows application easily. You can also enjoy Android on your computer through dual-booting or virtualization, but another alternative a port of Mountain View’s mobile OS, fittingly dubbed WindowsAndroid, that runs natively on the Windows kernel (under Vista, 7 and 8) instead of Linux.
“It also supports a wide range of screen resolutions, and will give you the appropriate interface accordingly. For example, if you’re running it in a window smaller than 1280×800, it will default to the phone interface; bump it up past that, and you’ll get tablet-optimized Android.”

What the Android Police Says:

A Complete Android Experience:
By now you must be eager to try the application for yourself for a total Android experience on an even larger screen of your computer or laptop. No doubt, now you can try by installing and running WindowsAndroid on your windows operating system. As said earlier, you can install it as a dual boot system. The other way is to use it as a visualization technology.
The First-of-Its-Kind Application:
WidnowsAndroid is the first of its kind application that gives you a complete seamless experience just like the native experience. Further, it gives you a complete samrtphone like user interface even for the Windows without any issues or errors. The experience being native and pretty smooth, you do not experience any lags or slowness while playing any games or using any application as all the virtualization chains have been avoided to make it run faster. And the good thing is that it supports all the input devices like keyboards, mouse, touch interface, etc.
Supports All the Later Versions of Windows:
You can run the WindowsAndroid application for almost all the versions of Windows and supports Windows vista, windows 7 and windows 8. Additionally, Android 4.0.3 Icecream Sandwitch is the version that currently runs in WindowsAndroid. It is very fast to start, and offers you a best Android experience. The latest version is being planned and based upon the newer Jelly Bean. It will use the Android tablet UI and you can control it by using the keyboard and mouse.
Download WindowsAndroid Now!
You can download WindowsAndroid from the by entering the data of the the website requirement. Be sure to know what you’re doing before you download or start up any apps and understand the claims no responsibility for you destroying your systems. Just go for it and enjoy it’s facilities.

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