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Make And Edit Movies In High Definition With Your iPhone 4

If you bored and drained out, and you feel to watch a film, but you are not in the mood to spend snacks and ticket for a movie, the iPhone has the answer just for that. With your iPhone, you can download movies of your choice. With its large memory storage capacity, you can store and watch them all over again, transforming your handy iPhone 4 into a movie collection archive and a portable movie player at the same time.
Those are just the basics though. Aside from being a motion picture library and a mobile movie theater, you can record your own videos in high definition format and edit them afterwards. With its movie application, the iMovie, you can shoot and be creative with the home-made videos that you had just made anywhere, at any anytime. This is indeed lots of fun. All it needs is some touch of artfulness. You can create the home movie all you want.
The application itself is a software platform. This eliminates the need to copy the home-made video to a desktop computer, and do the editing there. Make the changes that you desire on the phone itself. The user-friendly interface and features make it enjoyable for first-time users. Plus, with a variety of built-in themes, you can insert pictures, sounds and music to give it a more exciting and superb quality feel and yet the upcoming iPhone 5 can be expected to have more applications.
Once you are done, iMovie allows you to share your finished work to your family, friends and virtually to anyone, even if you are continents apart. Load it up in your email, MMS message and even on YouTube. There is no need for professional training. Just keep on tapping the multi-touch screen and learn as you go along without any issues at all. This unique feature is valuable for family excursion, special occasions, important gatherings and presentations. To add more frenzy on the show, just simply attach your iPhone to a compatible projector device, and now, you have a home theater at your disposal for everybody's pleasure and entertainment.
To continue enjoying making and editing movies, have your iPhone 4 insurance or iPhone 3GS insurance today. For a small investment, you will get a comprehensive iPhone insurance coverage against theft, accidental damage, water spills and loss. Now, you do not have to worry missing those "should-not miss" moments in life again.

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